Thursday, November 15, 2012

White bedroom design ideas. Simple, serene and stylish

A white interior design or décor is tricky mostly because it can easily become overwhelming. But there is one area where white would be a perfect color. That area is the bedroom. This is a space that needs to feel relaxing, tranquil and calm and white is a color that can help with that. These examples will prove it.
Even though this bedroom is entirely white, it doesn’t feel cold or boring. It’s a tone of white that looks friendly and warm and the textures used are very nice as well. The tufted headboard is a stylish detail and the simplicity of the décor makes everything look elegant. The table lamp emanates soft light and the whole room becomes a serene hideout.

This is a more spacious bedroom with design elements that allow it to also feel imposing and elegant. For example, the headboard is one of the most impressive details. There aren’t many accessories and decorations and those that do exist are simple. Overall, the bedroom has a modern and chic look.
This Mediterranean bedroom is very bright. The construction is very beautiful and the architecture itself becomes a wonderful décor detail. The canopy is a very beautiful element that contributes to the overall simple but stylish and elegant décor. The exquisite views are just what the bedroom needed to feel complete.
This is another very bright and beautiful bedroom but, in comparison witht he ones presented so far, this one doesn’t have an all-white decor. The walls, ceiling and furniture are white and very simple but the dark brown flooring is an important contrast element. An interesting balance is created between the whiteness of the upper portion and the darkness of the flooring.
This modern bedroom also has an eye-catching contrast element. Here everything is white except for the artwork. The white ceiling, walls, floor and furniture create a neutral and bright background for the elegant painting displayed on the wall adjacent to the bed. A small work area is also present and features a few small photos on the wall.
In the case of this bedroom, even though the main color used for the décor is white, a very nice and subtle contrast appears. The light wooden flooring is partially covered with a soft rug featuring tones of beige and brown, almost undetectable but still visible. The soft light emanated by the table lamps complements the décor beautifully.
This is another completely white bedroom but it also has a few small details that allow it to stand out. The décor is very simple and modern, with clean lines and simple patterns. The tufted headboard matches the bedding. The panoramic views are complemented by the presence of a few fresh plants.
This spacious bedroom has a traditional design. It features crisp white walls and ceiling but the wooden flooring adds warmth and texture to the décor and thus created a nice balance. The rest of the details and decorations have been chosen to match this balance and subtle contrast. The off-white elements wonderfully integrate into the décor.
This is a relatively small bedroom but it has been very beautifully decorated and it appears to be spacious and airy but without feeling cold. That’s because of the soft and friendly textures and because of the subtle contrast of shades. The delicate curtains let light let through and the whole room brightens up.
This contemporary bedroom is very spacious and even gives the false impression of being part of an open floor plan. The mirrored wall is a very interesting décor element.The wooden floors add warmth to the décor and soften the coldness of the white background. The lighting is also soft and very pleasant.-homeedit-