Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to create a romantic bedroom for Valentine’s Day?

Are you planning to stay indoors this valentine’s day with your sweetheart? Well, there is nothing more whimsical than spending the valentine evening at home. However, making the evening memorable requires a little bit of effort and planning.
The easiest way to make the day special is to transform your everyday bedroom wearing the general look into a romantic bedroom wearing a romantic look, especially for the Valentine’s Day. Creating a romantic bedroom will simply show – “how much you care for your partner”.
Here is a list of ideas to assist you create a romantic bedroom for Valentine’s Day –
Bed - the bed is the focal point of the bedroom, and of course this is where everybody lands up, so devote time to dress your bed nicely.  If possible, invest in a high thread count sheet for utmost comfort and luxury. In addition, buy a comforter or a throw blanket made of a soft fabric to complete the look. The soft texture shall create a sensational texture when you curl up in the bed. The ideal bedding colors to be selected is red, white or chocolate brown.
Finish off the bed decoration with arranging rose flowers on petals on the bed. You may also arrange the petals in a heart shape to set the mood.
The Atmosphere – creation of the right atmosphere is very vital. Do not switch on bright overhead lights. Instead, use light low watt bulbs as bedside lamps. Needless to be mentioned, you need to introduce candles to the room. Invest in large pillar candles as they burn long. You may also select scented candles. However, assure that the scent you choose pleases your partner.
Accessories – clutters and forgotten objects can be found all around the bedroom. However, these things are known to pose a hurdle in the creation of a tranquil environment. So, clean the room efficiently to remove all sorts of dirt and dust.  Clean the surface of the dressing table or dresser. Move the extra accessories inside. Set up two wine glasses with a bottle of wine or champagne alone with an ice bucket. You may also buy your sweetheart’s favorite chocolates and place them in a clear glass plate or dish. Play some soft and romantic music or a favorite romantic number of your partner in order to complete the romantic look of the bedroom.

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