Thursday, November 1, 2012

10 High Ceiling Living Room Design Ideas

High ceilings in a room make the whole space seem larger. They’re most common in the case of living rooms. A spacious living room that has high ceilings is going to seem even larger and it will have a dramatic look regardless of the type of interior design and décor. But depending on the shape of the ceiling the atmosphere can also differ.
Inviting living room with high pitched ceiling and hanging chandelier
A pitched high ceiling is not as dramatic as an arched or flat ceiling. But it has a unique characteristic. It makes the room feel cozy, more intimate and it makes the atmosphere inviting and pleasant. In such cases a wood-paneled ceiling or one with exposed wooden beams would enhance the warmth and coziness of the décor. But whatever the shape and type of the ceiling is, it’s also challenging to decorate such a living room.
Open plan living room with high wooden ceilings, spotlights and a delicate pendant lamp
Double height living room with high windows, exposed beams and a large mirror
Modern living room with a dramatic pitched high ceiling and large windows
Spacious, open plan living room with a high angled ceiling and exposed brick wall
Traditional family room with dramatic high ceilings and wonderful views
Large living room with a tropical décor and double height ceilings
Warm and cozy family room with wood-paneled walls and high pitched ceiling
Elegant white living room with high ceiling and arched windows
Inviting living room with exposed wooden beams and a high brick fireplace
In the case of living rooms with high ceilings the windows usually go all the way up and this makes the interior much brighter than usual. As for the décor, a nice way of emphasizing the beauty of the ceilings is to use low hanging chandeliers or pendant lights. An interesting way of decorating the walls is to hang artwork on the higher portions or to use a projector. A very important detail is to create a coherent interior décor and think n perspective. We have selected a few beautiful examples of living rooms with high ceilings and we hope the photos capture their true beauty.