Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eye-catching kitchen appliances, a fun and colorful way of standing out

In the kitchen the accent always falls on functionality. The design and interior décor need to be well-though and the space in the kitchen needs to be functional and efficiently-organized. The furniture needs to have plenty of storage space but to also maintain and simple look. The kitchen still needs to feel airy and spacious in order to avoid looking cluttered.
Small, eclectic kitchen with wooden floors and robin egg blue appliances
Maintaining a simple, linear design for the kitchen is a safe way of creating a functional décor. However, sometimes this can result in a boring, blend look and thus a monotonous atmosphere. One way of avoiding that is to include colorful and eye-catching appliances into the décor. For example, glazed, eye-candy appliances would be a wonderful way of creating focal points in the kitchen. Pair them with a simple and neutral background and they will stand out even more.
Spacious kitchen with a neutral, continuous décor and a bold blue stove
Traditional kitchen with wooden furniture complemented by vibrant red appliances
A refreshing kitchen décor featuring a white and blue color combo
Eclectic kitchen with white furniture and a soft turquoise stove
But also make sure that you don’t use too much color. You could opt for something pastel and delicate such as glazed blue or turquoise and you can create multiple accent elements. You could also adopt a different strategy and use bold, vibrant colors such as red or dark blue. In this case, the accents need to be small but strong. The other colors should be simple and neutral and the textures and finishes should also match or combine harmoniously. Here are a few examples of kitchens featuring this type of appliances.